Small Big Bench

From Big Bench to Small Big Bench

The request to have benches “the same” as big ones to put in your garden has arrived several times to the Big Bench Community Project, for which the idea was born to create a bench of “normal” dimensions that recall the bench giant. It was not possible to simply reduce the size from big to small, because its ergonomics was designed for that kind of proportions. It has therefore been revised, adapting the new proportions but keeping the family feeling.

The design allows the personalization of the message (or insert the name of the Municipality, association, …) flanked to the site of the Big Bench Community Project.

Technical details

Weight: about 46 kg.
Width: 110 cm
Height: 90 cm
Material: powder-coated metal, colors of your choice
Personalizzazione: max 14 letters + blank spaces per side

PRICE: 1.200 Euro (VAT included), delivery not included.


Choose the color you prefer from the available colors.

Oother colors available on order.