Fund allocations

Charity BBCP: 13.500 €

Charity grants by BBCP: 13.500 €

Being a part of the BBCP Community also means supporting the development of children’s creativity. Each year, as a matter of fact, we dedicate a large part of the donations that we receive to projects promoted by the territories where a Big Bench is installed, projects that involve children and art. The winning project is picked through a competition announcement; the alongside data indicate the contributions distributed so far by BBCP. Help us to do more thanks to your support!


Contributi erogati finora

BBCP grants so far

In 2015 the school of Clavesana was financed, to visit an art exhibition in Alba at the Ferrero Foundation and the Diocesan Museum for an amount of 1.000 €.

In 2016 the primary school of Farigliano was financed with a project of Art and Philosophy for a total of 1.000 €.

In 2017 the allocated funds were 1.500 €, of which 848 € donated to the Twirling Association of Carrù, for the purchase of training material, and 625 € for the realization of the theater performance «La pallina che rotola».

In 2018, instead, the towns financed were two: the Moiola Municipality, for a project of handcrafted and environmental education for 40 students, for an amount of 1.060 €, and the Niella Tanaro Municipality, for the purchase of technical material of audio video support for the theatrical hall, for a sum of 780 €. The total, therefore, has risen to 1.840 €.

In 2019 the Ligonchio Municipality (Emilia-Romagna) was financed for an amount of 1.548 €, finalized at the realization of craft workshops and educational paths around BB; furthermore, the Rosignano Monferrato Municipality was also financed for the creation of a ceramic workshop, from the collection of clays to the production of figurines. The total was equal to 2.128 € in total.

For the 2020 edition of the competition announcement, BBCP donated 1.700 € to the primary school of Bosio, a town in the province of Alessandria, for the beautiful project of a short film, made by and for children. Along with the director Teseo Gola and the support of teachers, parents, citizens of Bosio, the children learned how a movie is made, and told stories, traditions, anecdotes, in many cases transmitted only vocally, of their area.

In 2021, BBCP dispensed 2.450 € to finance two projects: 850 €, to which BBCP added 100 €, for a photographic project for an environmental awareness at the Municipality of Travaco’ Siccomario (PV) and surrounding area; 1.500 € to the Bieganow Municipality, in Poland, for a project consisting in the recovery of local history that unites the two towns, Bieganow e Bozkov (where Big Bench number 169 is located), by thematic tours and illustration Kamishibai theater works.

In 2022 BBCP dispensed 1.490 Euro to Municipality of Levone, Big Bench n.175 for clay activities for the children of the multiclass mountain school, some of them have fragilities.

Nel 2023 BBCP dispensed 700 Euro to proloco in Giusvalla (SV) - Big Bench n. 232 - for a project for little children who live in this little municipality in the ligurian hinterland: BBCP purchased an audio system fot the theater workshops and 900 euro to Municipality of Civitella di Romagna (RA) - Big Bench n. 317 - for a project involving photografic works and an exhibition by children 11-14 yo. This Minucipality was the victim of a flood in 2023 and decided to invite another municipality (Brisighella) where there's a Big Bench too.