Big Bench for Everyone

The first Big Bench for Everybody was realized thanks to the CRC Foundation, that financed it and later assigned it with a public competition announcement to the town of Paroldo (CN). The other Big Bench for everyone is in San Damiano d'Asti.

The principle of this Big Bench is to allow everybody to climb up on it, not only disabled people in a wheelchair, but also people with physical limitations in general. It is a regular Big Bench, identical to the others, but with a mechanism of opening in the seatback and a flat part on the seat, which allows the access of a wheelchair.

The choice of the place where to install this so unique Big Bench must be aware of the presence of the access ramp, hence there has to be a natural slope in the area preceding the Big Bench, that allows the installation of a small access ramp. Moreover, the parking area must be adjacent, and not have any obstacles while reaching the Big Bench after getting out of the car.

The procedure to install a Big Bench for Everybody is a little different from the regular ones; however, if you wish to propose it for your town, please send the candidacy through the form that you find in the section “Build your Big Bench” specifying it is for a “Big Bench for Everybody”, so that it can be processed according to the right guidelines.

On the map, the Big Benches for Everybody are marked with specific logos. We hope that there will be always more! Thank you for your interest!