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Dear Big Benchers,
Thank you for your interest and for your enthusiasm for the BB!
Before filling out and sending your form, we invite you to visit the “info” page and follow the instructions...

Incomplete requests will delay our response!

Drone video are useless for us! We need to see a 360 degrees view from the installation point, a mobile phone is more than enough to make this kind of video.



Sending this form could require some minutes, depending on file size and your internet connection speed.

In order to accelerate the picture upload, our suggestion is to reduce file resolution. You can use the following on-line service to resize your images.

Without making a donation (min 50 Euro) your application will not be submitted.

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Site where the bench is going to be built**

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Site description*

(how to get there, reason for choosing it)

Site property*

Preferred colour*

Who will finance the construction?*
Public money cannot be used, not even European funds


Please attach nr. 2 pictures of the location and 1 picture of the panorama from the bench!

Picture of the plot of land (with a tape and stakes) in the EXACT position of the bench *

Screenshot from Google Maps with an indication of the bench position and of the parking area *

Picture of the panorama from the bench *

Picture of the access to the plot of land *

Link video

Please make a 360° degree video from the exact point in which the bench will be positioned and share it with us using any free service such as YouTube, WeTransfer, Google Drive. *