Being part of the BBCP Community also means supporting the development of children’s creativity.

In fact, every year we devote a big part of the donations we receive to projects proposed by the territories where a Big Bench is installed, which involve children and arts. The winner is chosen through a call for proposals; the number on the left indicates the contributions granted by BBCP by now. Help us do more and more with your support!


In 2015 we financed the School in Clavesana for a visit to an art exhibition in Alba at Fondazione Ferrero and at Museo Diocesano, for a total amount of 1.000 Euro.

In 2016 we financed the Primary School in Farigliano for a project about Arts and Phylosophy, for a total amount of 1.000 Euro.

In 2017 the granted contributions have reached 1.500 Euro, of which 848 Euro were given to the Twirling Association in Carrù for buying useful materials for their training sessions, and 625 Euro were given for the theatrical play “La pallina che rotola”.

In 2018 we financed the town Moiola (CN) for a project involving craftmanship and environmental education for 40 students, for an amount of 1.060 Euro, and the town Niella Tanaro for purchasing sound/video technical equipment for their theatre, for an amount of 780 Euro. The total contribution amount rose to 1.840 Euro then.

In 2019 our contribution was given to the town Ligonchio (in Emilia Romagna region) for a total amount of 1.548 Euro that have been used for artisanal and educational activities around their BB; moreover, another contribution was given to the town Rosignano Monferrato for a ceramic workshop, from collecting the clay to the production of small statues. The total amount of the BB contribution in 2019 was 2.128 Euro.

In the year 2020 BBCP has donated 1.700 Euro to the Primary School in Bosio (AL) for the interesting project of a short film made by children and for children. Together with the film director Lorenzo Baldi and with the support of teachers, parents, citizens of Bosio, the children will learn how to produce a movie and will tell stories, traditions, anecdotes of their territory, which in many cases have been passed on only verbally up to now.


We hope to see many more Big Benches being built, to make us feel like children again when we climb onto them, and that many new visitors may come to this region to enjoy the stunning views of the countryside

Chris Bangle

Chris Bangle Associates

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