Big Bench Community Project



The BBCP passport is a way to make your visit to the Big Benches even more fun by collecting the stamps of every bench that you visited!

Each stamp has the logo of the Big Bench and the name of the town where it is located. Collecting the stamps on your passport proves that you visited a certain Big Bench, making it a perfect souvenir!

The BBCP passport could be a nice and original gift for your friends and family and a good way to introduce them to the Big Benches world!

To discover where you can find the passport and/or collect the stamps, please take a look at the signs near every Big Bench.

Where can I find stamps and passports?

We hope to see many more Big Benches being built, to make us feel like children again when we climb onto them, and that many new visitors may come to this region to enjoy the stunning views of the countryside

Chris Bangle

Chris Bangle Associates

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